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Cowry & Clay founder, Shirah Dedman, is a licensed attorney who found herself frustrated by corporate culture, motivating her to change the trajectory of her career.


Since graduating from law school and passing the California State Bar, she has had a diverse career spanning many different industries and job types.


While working in the entertainment industry, she held positions at William Morris Agency, DirectTV and Paramount Pictures. That was before her desire to create and her passions for storytelling and health led her to pursue independent filmmaking and a radically new professional path.


Her filmmaking efforts culminated in producing and directing the full-length documentary, Follow the Drinking Gourd, which has screened at several film festivals and is available to view on kweliTV.


From the corporate world to independent filmmaking; from a masters degree in Food and Agricultural Law to freelance writing; from sales to  Securities Law. Constantly curious and always ready to reskill, Shirah began a journey into blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Now, Shirah uses her wealth of knowledge to provide entrepreneurs strategies they need to grow and thrive.

Working with Cowry & Clay

Creative strategies for unconventional businesses.

You won't find us on social media platforms because Cowry & Clay Consulting is currently referral based.


Still, feel free to reach out to us to find out if we can help meet your company's business and legal strategy needs.

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